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Does your heart sink a bit when you hear a new rattle, squeak, clank or buzz coming from your Chevy pickup or Chevy car? Of course it does. It happens to all of us. We depend on our Chevy trucks and cars to keep our lives on track. Repairs can be expensive and disrupt your everyday life. That’s why our first priority is to keep your Chevy in great shape. And when something does go wrong we’ll get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Don’t stress. See our expert Chevy mechanics.

Our Automotive Repair Services in El Cajon

Complete Chevy Automotive Care

Top-Quality Auto Maintenance And Repair By Our Experienced Team

Oil & Filter Change

Changing your oil every 5,000 miles keeps your Chevy vehicle running great. And it helps avoid bigger Chevy repair bills down the road.


Keep your vehicle in optimal condition with regular tune-ups. We’ll check your belts, hoses, spark plugs and more to extend the life of your Chevy.

Warranty Maintenance

Don’t invalidate your car’s warranty by not performing the required maintenance. Bring your Chevy to us and keep your coverage in place.

Air Conditioning

Hot out there today? We do air conditioning repair and recharging to help you keep your cool in the summer heat.

Chevy Brakes and Pads

How are your brake pads doing? We’ll let you know. Servicing your breaks is critical to keeping you and your family safe.

Chevy Fuel Systems

Maintaining your Chevy's fuel system is critical to long life for your engine. Don't ignore proper Chevy fuel maintenance.

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Deborah V.

It's great to have found this shop! Matt and the crew did an excellent job restoring the A/C in our 2008 Tahoe. They gave us an honest quote and did the work within the time frame. It was a great experience . Everyone was friendly and personable and didn't treat me like a "dumb girl", like so many other places do. Matt, you're our car guy now!

Robert R.

I really appreciated the professional service that I got from Matt's Caddy Shack. They were especially helpful since I'm out of town (Phoenix, Arizona) and was towed in by AAA. I drive a 2004 GMC Sierra 2500 truck and it was great that they knew exactly what was the problem and fixed it in record time. THANKS!.

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Keeping Your Chevy Silverado On The Road

The Chevy Silverado Diesel Trucks are the largest selling diesel pickup trucks on the market. Keeping your Chevy Silverado diesel running smooth is Matt's number one priority. Our trained diesel mechanics specialize in all Chevy diesel engines.

Our diesel repair shop has all of the right lifts to allow our mechanics the best access to your engine compartment. Having the right tools, diagnostic equipment and expertise ensures your Chevy Silverado diesel pickup is repaired right the first time.



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Who We Are: The Diesel Mechanics You Can Trust In San Diego County

We’re proud to have been providing the best auto and diesel truck services to the El Cajon community for over 28 years. We’ve performed thousands of oil changes, brake repairs and all types of automotive repairs for families just like yours to keep their cars, trucks and vans on the road and performing at their best. Our shop is stocked with state-of-the-art equipment and diagnostic tools operated by a well-trained team of mechanics. We are experienced in comprehensive diesel servicing and repairs for all models of diesel pickup & vans.

We treat our customers like we would want to be treated. That means you’ll always receive a through, accurate quote and the best pricing possible. Schedule an appointment to see for yourself why Matt's has the Best Diesel Mechanics in El Cajon.

Some Common Myths About Caring For Your Chevy Vehicle:

“Only a dealership can perform my scheduled maintenance.”

There’s no need to get your Chevy serviced at an over-priced dealership service center. Any quality repair shop like ours has the tools to perform the required service to your manufacturer’s specifications to preserve your warranty. If you have any doubts-- just ask us!

“Premium gasoline gives my car premium performance.”

Unless your car’s manual specifically states to use “premium fuel only,” then buying premium fuel is just a waste of money. American drivers wasted more than $2 billion in 2015 using premium fuel in cars designed to run on regular unleaded fuel.

“Use a penny to test when to replace your tires. ” 

The “Penny Test” is a trick many of us were taught to test tread depth. But the truth is that by the time you can see Honest Abe’s head, your tire performance has already been compromised. Want to stay safe? Try using a quarter instead!

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